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ASLI, the Association of Sign Language Interpreters in the United Kingdom was established in 1987, to provide professional discussion on all issues related to sign language interpreting and the provision of interpreting service. From the beginning our aims have been simple; to encourage good practice in sign language interpreting and to support our fellow professionals.

Over the years we have sought to achieve this by:

• Providing a forum for professional discussion on all issues relating to sign language interpreting and the provision of interpreting services
• Promoting the raising and maintenance of standards in interpreting
• Encouraging training and other initiatives
• Providing information for interpreters and consumers
• Promoting research into areas of relevance to interpreters or interpreting services
• Advising and cooperating with others interested in sign language interpreting

Now, as we move into 2015, our ethos is still the same.

We are encouraging good practice, and supporting or fellow professionals by:



• Providing opportunities for continuous professional development through training, discussion and networking.
• Providing best practice papers, policy and guidance on working and engaging with interpreters in a variety of domains
• Developing full range of support services and skill enhancing opportunities
• Ensuring that all statements made by ASLI are supported by evidence, accurate, balanced and written with integrity
• Ensuring that official documentation is drafted by experienced members, based on best practice, and with reference to external standards and research.
• Engaging with those that share our ethos, are committed to best practice and the needs of the profession

Upcoming Events

Featured events

30 May 2015

Interpreting Humour with Jules Dickinson

30 May 2015

Baileys Court Activity Centre Baileys Court Road Bradley Stoke Bristol BS32 8BH

30 May 2015
13 June 2015

Gavin Lily's International (visual) Sign

13 June 2015

Exeter Royal Academy for Deaf Education 50 Topsham Road, (BSL/Communication Room) Daw Block Exeter EX2 4BF

13 June 2015
13 June 2015

Professional Conduct and Ethics

13 June 2015

Colchester United Football Club United Way, Colchester. Co4 5UP

13 June 2015


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