Our Work

National Work

ASLI attends many events and meetings to represent its members in the UK. We also liaise regularly with Deaf organisations, international interpreting organisations, NRCPD, government departments and other relevant organisations and personnel.

External representation is carried out by surveying the membership via our national fora or by using surveys, at Consultation Days with members from all regions and at the AGM.

External representation of ASLI members is done by the Chair of the Board, other Directors, Chairs of Groups, Chairs of Networks such as the Deaf Interpreters’ Network, Regional Contacts or other ASLI members.

Members can read reports by logging in to the members are and visiting the All members group docs area.

International Links

ASLI has developed links with a variety of international groups and is playing a leading role in the European Forum of Sign Language Interpreters (efsli) and in the development on the World Association of Sign Language Interpreters (WASLI).
Through personal contacts we have good links to interpreters and/or interpreter organisations in the US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, throughout Europe and, of course, in Scotland and Ireland.

If you are a qualified interpreter in another country and would like to know more about joining ASLI, or working in the UK, please email office@asli.org.uk

ASLI is a country member of efsli and we send a representative to the AGM and conference each year in order to be able to vote in this capacity.

ASLI aims to have representation at WASLI at every conference, and funded Christopher Stone to attend in 2007, and Sarah Haynes (with a small amount of funding for Gill Behenna) to attend in 2011.

The UK leads the world in interpreting and ASLI is seen internationally as a role model for other countries, so it is important we use this opportunity in line with developing the profession worldwide.