Members' Consultation Days

consultationdayTwice a year the Board stages Member Consultation Days where representatives from each of the ASLI Regions come together with Board members in order to feed into the work of the Association.  

Having consulted their regional members, at consultation day, attendees are able to ensure that the Board is kept abreast of issues of relevance to regional members throughout the UK.  Attendees are further available to be consulted on proposed activity at the national level.

At Consultation Day, the ASLI Work Streams are reviewed and agreed for the next term.

The first Consultation Day was held in Reading on 6th July 2013.

The minutes from the days are available here.

Consultation Day 1: July 2013

Consultation Day 2: February 2014

Consultation Day 3: June 2014

Consultation Day 4: January 2015

Consultation Day 5: June 2015 and workshop outputs report

Consultation Day 6: February 2016

Consultation Day 7: Briefing papers and agenda 23rd July 2016 Torquay:minutes

Consultation Day 8 : Briefing Papers and Strategic Plan 4th February 2017