Policy for ASLI Supporters


The policy below details the terms and conditions for ASLI Supporters on behalf of The Board of Directors of the Association of Sign Language Interpreters, United Kingdom (ASLI).

There shall be two categories of support open to those who are not eligible to be Members of the Association:

1 Eligibility

1.1 Who may join ASLI as an Individual Supporter?
Any individual who supports the aims and objectives of the Association, as laid out in the Memorandum of Association.

1.2 Who may join as a Corporate Supporter?
Any organisation that supports the aims and objectives of the Association, as laid out in the Memorandum of Association.

"To encourage good practice in sign language interpreting and to represent the interests and views of sign language interpreters and the sign language interpreting profession in the UK"

The Support shall be in the name of the organisation, not members of staff.

1.3 Any Supporter whose behaviour contravenes the aims and objectives of the Association may, at the discretion of The Board of Directors, have their Support revoked without reimbursement.


2 Benefits of Supporting

2.1 ASLI will make every effort to provide the following benefits of Supporting, however provision of all benefits are subject to change and cannot be guaranteed. Some of the following benefits for ASLI Supporters are dependent on the Supporter providing a functioning email address to ASLI.

2.1.1 Quarterly magazine 
2.1.2 Reduced entrance fee to some ASLI events. 
2.1.3 Access to the Deaf Interpreters’ Network (DIN) for Deaf Interpreters
2.1.4 Access to ASLI’s Professional Development training and events
2.1.5 Regular update on the work of ASLI 

2.2 ASLI will make every effort to provide the following benefits of Supporting to Corporate Supporters, in addition to the benefits in 2.1, however, provision of all benefits is subject to change and cannot be guaranteed:

2.2.1 Reduced rates for inserts into publications
2.2.2 Reduced advertising rates in ASLI publications
2.2.3 One member of staff of the Supporting organisation is entitled to a discount on training and conferences organised by ASLI.

2.3 Voting rights – Supporters are not entitled to a vote at general meetings, regional meetings or via e-voting. 
2.4 Use of logo – Supporters are not entitled to use the ASLI logo; Corporate Supporters may advertise themselves as "ASLI Corporate Supporters"


3 Cost of Supporting ASLI

3.1 The cost of Individual Support is £60 per year. 
3.2 The cost of Corporate Support per year is as follows:

£60 – for publicly funded educational organisations
£100 – for organisations with 1 to 15 members of staff
£160 – for organisations with 16 to 50 members of staff
£350 – for organisations with 51 to 100 members of staff

For organisations with more than 100 members of staff, quotes can be obtained on request.

4 Joining ASLI as a Supporter

4.1 To Join ASLI as a supporter please visit the ASLI Home page and use the join us ink or join now 
4.2 Those who are unable to access the forms from the website may request copies to be emailed or posted by contacting ASLI by email or letter. 
4.3 Incomplete applications will not be accepted. 
4.4 Applications must be received by the 10th of the month before membership is due to begin e.g. to begin membership on 1st March, complete application must be received by 10th February.
4.5 The Support will begin on the 1st of the month immediately after the application has been processed.

5 Data Protection

5.1 All details supplied by the supporter may be held on a computer and used for the purposes of the Association in accordance with data protection legislation. 
5.2 Supporter contact details will only be used for internal ASLI purposes and under no circumstances are supplied to any person or organisation outside of ASLI unless the member gives express permission to have details displayed within a directory of members.
5.3 A Supporter’s name and category of Support (e.g. individual or corporate) may be made public by the Association.

6 Who to contact

6.1 If you have any queries or comments about ASLI Membership / Support please email membership@asli.org.uk