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Community of Practice

We provide resources and documents of relevance to interpreters:

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  • Guidelines for Interpreters Working in Educational Settings
  • Mental Health Best Practice
  • Shadowing Guidelines
  • Lone Working Guidelines
  • Guidance for Trainee Interpreters
  • Terms and Conditions template
  • Supervision for Interpreters







We publish a quarterly magazine, Newsli.

 Professional Indemnity Insurance for Sole Traders and Companies (£1M cover)

Last year we provided the following CPD events:

  • Family courts vocab
  • Criminal vocab
  • Medical interpreting/Vocab
  • Ethics & Dilemmas
  • Introduction to legal interpreting
  • Myers Briggs Personality Test
  • Advanced English
  • Safeguarding for interpreters
  • Breaking away from english
  • BSL Poetry with Rachel Sutton Spence
  • Immigrant SL users and Deaf interpreters
  • Interpreting with the police
  • Voice production
  • Co-working: Interpreters and deaf translators
  • Deafblind
  • Demand-Control Schema
  • Holistic view of wellbeing
  • Humour in the workplace
  • International Sign
  • Interpreter fieldwork research
  • What are you worth(less)?
  • Personal safety
  • Voice over
  • Co working and Modification in English
  • Register in BSL
  • Understanding Deaf Perspectives
  • Religious interpreting
  • Social media training
  • Contract law

CPD Medium

Next year we will be providing the following CPD events, services and activities:


  • Supervision for beginners
  • Confidentiality for interpreters
  • Professional Conduct and Ethics
  • English from a Deaf perspective
  • Introduction to Mental Health interpreting
  • Deafhood
  • The Deaf Brain
  • BSL Linguistics refresher
  • Advanced work into spoken English
  • Effective Co-Working
  • Giving and Receiving Constructive Feedback
  • Breaking away from English
  • Video Interpreting (ASLI Best Practice)
  • Legal Interpreting (ASLI Best Practice)
  • Mental Health Interpreting (ASLI Best Practice)
  • Educational Interpreting (ASLI Best Practice)
  • Discourse Analysis
  • Observation techniques
  • Intermediate and Advanced Medical Interpreting
  • Creating your CPD Plan
  • Online Supervision Groups
  • Online Reflective Practice Groups
  • Supervisor Training

For Experienced Interpreters

In the second half of 2015, ASLI will be working in partnership with Robyn Dean to bring a new, on line course that will enable participants to use a case analysis framework to analyse their work and to guide others in their analyses.

This approach will draw on Robyn’s demand control schema constructs as well as incorporating new theories from her as-yet-unpublished PhD thesis. This course can be seen as a first step towards furthering reflective practice and supervision practices of interpreters.

This is a unique offering to ASLI members at this time and will be offered at a discounted rate.


Online Reflective Practice Peer Groups

Online Mentoring





We provide free Mentoring to members who are in crisis, or subject to a complaint.

 We operate a free online directory of members with numerous search options.

Our network of regional groups continues to provide opportunties to meet together locally for networking, training and discussion.

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