The ASLI board of Directors is appointed to run the affairs of the association in accordance with Company law. Other people may be co-opted on to the Board from time to time, as required.

There are 6 Interpreter Directors, Andy Carmichael RSLI, MaryFaith Autumn RSLI, Jill Henshaw RSLI, Emily Quigley RSLI, Jenny Koehring RSLI and Nicola Alloway, TSLI

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The structure of ASLI is set up in a way that enables us to be member-led and to enable members to take a full and active part in developing new procedures, services and activities for our profession.

Twice a year the Board stages Member Consultation Days where representatives from each of the ASLI Regions come together with Board members in order to feed into the work of the Association.

Having consulted their regional members, at consultation day, attendees are able to ensure that the Board is kept abreast of issues of relevance to regional members throughout the UK.  Attendees are further available to be consulted on proposed activity at the national level.

At Consultation Day, the ASLI Work Streams are reviewed and agreed for the next term.

The first Consultation Day was held in Reading on 6th July 2013.

ASLI Members can read Minutes from past Board meetings and Consultation Days here


MaryFaith Autumn has worked with Deaf people for over 35 years in a variety of roles. She has worked in both ASL and BSL, interpreting in various domains. She has facilitated personal growth workshops with Deaf participants, encouraging the development of reflective and relationship skills. Whilst working toward her formal BSL qualifications, she was responsible for liaising between the Deaf Community and the local authority to improve access to services. She spent 18 months in northwest Nigeria as a VSO volunteer on a capacity working at a school with over 300 Deaf children and several Deaf teachers. Since qualifying in 2008 she has been developing a domain specialism interpreting in health and social care.

The values of Quakers, in which MaryFaith is an active member, underpin and nourish attitudes which guide her personal and professional behaviour. This is evident in her integrity and ethics, in her commitment to reflective practice, and in her desire to understand the views of others.

She has a keen interest in the professionalisation of the interpreting industry and believes that key to this is the liaison with not only Deaf- and interpreting-related organisations, but also with our hearing colleagues and the associations which represent them. She is a strong supporter of supervision and continuing professional development, believing these to be critical to our development as practitioners and to the development of our profession.



NAATI Accredited Auslan Interpreter

WFD/WASLI Accredited International Sign Interpreter

Since training at Durham University then registering as an RSLI in 1995, Andy has practiced predominately as a freelance interpreter, working between English, BSL, Auslan and International Sign. He has specialised in conference, political and media interpreting, though has continued to work in legal, medical and community settings throughout his career, most recently via VRS work for a Deaf led provider. He now works full time as an interpreter at Heriot Watt University in Edinburgh, where he is based.

Andy passionately believes in a reflective group of practice professionals raising standards of our service provision to the benefit of all our clients, but particularly the Deaf community. To this end, he is actively engaged in mentoring work, regularly teaches interpreting students and practitioners and has several papers and book chapters published and in press.

Andy looks forward to continue serving on the ASLI board for the next two years, having been re-elected at the 2017 AGM.

Jill Henshaw 


Jill Henshaw is an RSLI based in Derbyshire.  She works three days a week for Nottinghamshire Deaf Society with the local community, and part-time as a freelancer.

Jill previously worked as a CSW in FE for ten years and as an in-house interpreter for Sheffield Hallam University before completing a PGDip with SLI.  She worked on a freelance basis for eight years until joining Nottinghamshire Deaf Society last year.  Jill has experience of interpreting in a range of settings but predominantly HE and community interpreting.

As a member of ASLI she has always been active in her region and is currently the regional representative for the East Midlands.  Jill hopes to join the board to play an active role in the organisation and support ASLI’s position in supporting the wider profession.

Emily Quigley


Emily Quigley:

Emily joined ASLI as a student, then began her interpreting career in 2013 after completing the interpreting degree at the University of Wolverhampton. Since then Emily has enjoyed working as a freelance interpreter across the South West, alongside working for the Deaf-Led Services branch of Devon-based charity Living Options. Interested in personal and professional development, Emily accepted the role of training rep for Devon & Cornwall in 2016, and completed the SLI Advanced Diploma in 2017. Emily enjoys frequent engagement with colleagues at ASLI regional meetings, webinars and consultation days, and is eager to participate further with ASLI by joining the board.”

Nicola Alloway


Nicola Alloway:

I joined ASLI as a student member in 2017, I became an associate member later that year when I became a TSLI. Since my first meeting I have appreciated the support given to me by the members of all levels and all length of service. I particularly appreciate this as I live in an area with few interpreters and working freelance on a development plan, means ASLI is an essential resource for me.

As someone new to the profession I will still be learning my role as an interpreter which means I will be representative of the students and TSLIs who are finding their place in an evolving profession.

Although I am new to interpreting I have a long work history in education, social care and youth offending services which means I have worked in difficult complex and challenging situations. I naturally question conventions and processes to enable me to understand the reason behind them. This means that as a member of the board I will consider decisions and their implications carefully and in as much depth as possible.

Jenny Koehring


Jenny Koehring:

As an early career interpreter I am aware of the importance of sharing knowledge and resources as well as supporting one another on a personal level within the profession. I have been embraced by
the ASLI family from the day I joined over three years ago. I cherish the learning opportunities I had and the personal relationships I have formed
As an ASLI director, I would like to help ensure that others continue to have these positive experiences as well as working with the board to develop more and new ways of supporting future professionals.
Having lived, learned and worked in four countries and various regions of the UK, I am passionate about linguistic, cultural and personal diversity as well as global communication and understanding.
This is one of the reasons I chose a new career as an interpreter and another way in which I hope to make relevant contributions to the Board, both for current and future members.
I am an interpreter, a former social worker, a student and a hobby chef, but I am also a mother of a soon-to-be teenager. I believe it to be crucial for young people like him to understand words like diligence, commitment, fairness and constructivity. All of these are strongly present in ASLI and I would therefore be proud to help promote the values of the association.