The pd4me website was developed by Action on Hearing Loss (RNID) and ASLI as a response to the need to provide resources to support professional sign language interpreters.  It was launched on 1st April 2006. It was intended as a professional development resource that encourages knowledge sharing and much of the information was submitted by users. One of its aims was to make professional development resources accessible to all interpreters, including those who may be able to access CPD opportunities for geographical, financial or other reasons.

At the time of its launch John Law, (RNID), said “The launch of pd4me provides a dynamic online resource, enabling sign language interpreters to share best practice and facilitate continuous professional development.”

Sadly, the website is no longer available; the ASLI board in response to a members request and with the permission of the original contributors are now able to share many of the resources from the pd4me site below.

If you have a free resource that you would like to contribute to this page please send your resource to board@asli.org.uk it can then be added to this collection. More resources coming soon.

Contributors: Darren Townsend-Handscomb, Dr Jules Dickinson, Karen Gillespie, Audrey Simmons, Sam Mailes, Helen Tagg

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