Exciting news from ASLI’s Going Pro event

Exciting news from ASLI’s Going Pro event

As this event on 5th October in Wolverhampton is all about opportunities for early career interpreters, ASLI would like to offer three trainee interpreters a free shadowing opportunity at the Going Pro conference.

What we offer:

You are invited to accompany the three RSLIs that are booked for the day. As well as being alongside them during the formal proceedings, you will attend and observe the preparation and debrief sessions. You will gain an insight into what it is like to prepare for conference interpreting, how co-working strategies are agreed and applied, how experienced interpreters cope with challenges such as noisy environments and speaker pace, and you will be able to ask questions about aspects of their work.

What you need to do:

Please send your Expression of Interest (EOI) to board@asli.org.uk by 24th August 2018.

The EOI can be written, spoken or signed but should not exceed 250 words (2 minutes video).

This offer is ONLY open to TSLIs that are ASLI members, so please clearly state your NRCPD number.

Successful applicants will be selected by the ASLI board and announced by 31st August 2018.

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