Telephone Interpreting Workshop

Telephone Interpreting Workshop

Manchester M11 2AD
Saturday 3rd November 18
10.00am — 4.00pm

Frustrating, challenging, stressful…and sometimes successful. All of these words have been used to describe telephone interpreting!

Want to find out what makes telephone interpreting so difficult? Want to develop strategies to produce a better outcome for you and your  clients? This is the workshop for you.

Learning Outcomes

This workshop takes a highly practical approach to explore and refine the skills needed for telephone interpreting. Using a combination of taught sessions and group exercises, it looks at what can make telephone calls so challenging and how we can create strategies to better manage this type of interpreted event. The aim of the session is to equip you with a set of tools that you can draw on to make interpreted telephone calls a more successful experience for all

Facilitator Jules Dickinson

Jules is an experienced community interpreter. Her PhD examines the ways in which the interpreter impacts upon workplace interaction, focussing on humour and small talk in meetings.

Jules continues to support the development of the interpreting profession as a teacher, research-practitioner, and Professional Supervisor, and has published extensively on workplace interpreting.


Promoting Cohesion through Education professional development


 Certificate of attendance and refreshments provided.

Cost  £85

6 hours of structured professional development

Going Pro – Programme


Friday 5 October 2018
Chancellor’s Hall, University of Wolverhampton


9.00 – 9.30 Arrival / registration

9.30 Welcome from the Organising Committee: Andy Carmichael and Jenny Koehring

10.00 Keynote 1: Thaïsa Hughes, University of Wolverhampton
“To interpreting and beyond – an interpreting student’s journey”

10.45 Round tables Session 1
– Andy & Gail: Getting involved in ASLI
– Kate Price: NRCPD registration/regulations
– Jules Dickinson: Supervision
– Mark Schofield: Effective career management for SLI’s
– Noel Guilford: Tax and the freelance interpreter
– Samantha Riddle: NUBSLI

11.30 Coffee break

12.00 Round tables Session 2

13.00 Networking lunch

14.00 Keynote 2: Stacey Webb, Heriot-Watt University, Edinburgh
“How to future-proof your career as a sign language interpreter”

14.45 Coffee break

15.30 Interpreters’ Question Time; Mark Schofield, Emma Price, Ben Gorman, Jill Henshaw, Thaisa Hughes and Stacey Webb

16.30 Close of conference/Raffle Prize Draw

17.00 Drinks @ Royal London

Legal Training Introduction

Legal Training Introduction


Are you a RSLI or TSLI looking to specialise in Legal Interpreting in the near future?​ ​

Would you like a taster of how things work within the Legal domain to  enhance your general practice in another setting?​

​Perhaps you have been nervous of Legal Interpreting?​ ​Have you wondered about the etiquette and processes in court?

Topics covered include:
● The Interpreter Oath
● Court settings and the roles of the Sign Language Interpreter/Deaf Relay/Deaf Intermediary
● Assertiveness and control of the courtroom environment
● Interpreting the intent and meaning of cross examination through nuance, and ambiguity

This workshop can be used as a refresher for those experienced within Legal Interpreting and as a stepping stone for others. As well as championing a holistic interactive approach it includes real case studies and dilemmas to encourage active participation and a lively and thought provoking opportunity to reflect and learn. ​A follow on workshop will be made available in 2019​.

❏ Worth 6 CPD Structured Learning points
❏ Certificate on Completion
❏ Course folder and materials
❏ Lunch & refreshments provided

£75 per person

Further information and a booking form available from –
Mike Unsworth has 20 years of interpreting within the legal domain. He has worked in all areas of Legal interpreting. Having interpreted the full spectrum of crime cases Mike draws on this wealth of experience in his workshops. He has been Head of Interpreting for a leading national Interpreting agency and has mentored and supervised a large team of interpreters.

2018 Dates:

August 18​ – Birmingham
September 8 ​- Southampton
September 22 ​- London
October 27​ – Manchester
November 3​ – Portsmouth
November 24 ​- Bristol

** ​FREE 3 months online virtual classroom support **

This workshop does not qualify or endorse you to work in the Legal Domain before attaining qualified status but can be a useful addition to your training.

Exciting news from ASLI’s Going Pro event

Exciting news from ASLI’s Going Pro event

As this event on 5th October in Wolverhampton is all about opportunities for early career interpreters, ASLI would like to offer three trainee interpreters a free shadowing opportunity at the Going Pro conference.

What we offer:

You are invited to accompany the three RSLIs that are booked for the day. As well as being alongside them during the formal proceedings, you will attend and observe the preparation and debrief sessions. You will gain an insight into what it is like to prepare for conference interpreting, how co-working strategies are agreed and applied, how experienced interpreters cope with challenges such as noisy environments and speaker pace, and you will be able to ask questions about aspects of their work.

What you need to do:

Please send your Expression of Interest (EOI) to by 24th August 2018.

The EOI can be written, spoken or signed but should not exceed 250 words (2 minutes video).

This offer is ONLY open to TSLIs that are ASLI members, so please clearly state your NRCPD number.

Successful applicants will be selected by the ASLI board and announced by 31st August 2018.