With reference to the recent media story and court case concerning Deaf consumer Sally Reynolds and her access to a concert provided by LHG Live in 2017.
‘Under the Equality Act 2010, any organisation supplying a service to the public is under a duty to make reasonable adjustments to ensure that a disabled person’s experience is as close as possible to that of someone without a disability’.
ASLI believes that access to all services and areas of social life is a fundamental right enshrined in UK legislation. This case highlights the importance of the provision of professional, qualified signed language interpreters for UK Deaf citizens.
It has traditionally been areas of life such as health, education and employment where these rights are observed and most often met. This case emphasises that participating in the social, artistic and performance activities of our society is also crucial to the wellbeing of all individuals and their interactions with friends and family.
We wish her success in her continuing legal action on this case.

efsliDI Spring school in Milan, Italy (2nd-4th March 2018), is NOW open!


efsli and efsliDI are delighted to inform you that registration for the efsliDI Spring school in Milan, Italy (2nd-4th March 2018), is NOW open!

Join us to learn more about “Translations and its process” by Dr Christopher Stone from UK and Benedikt J. Sequeira Gerardo from Germany.

For further information, please browse our website:

You can register online here:

Please fill in the registration form and pay your fee the same day.

Registration deadline: 28th February 2018.

If you have further questions about the training, please contact us at or email to the efsliDI chair, Sofia Isari, at

For further information about registration, please contact us:

Learn more, practice and experience this unique efsliDI training in Milan with us!

The efsliDI team members are looking forward to welcoming you in Italy!

Kind regards,

the efsli team



The Organising Committee for the WASLI 2019 Conference has commenced planning for this exciting event and are now in the process of recruiting for specific portfolios. Your contribution of skills, expertise and knowledge will greatly enhance the standard of the event and benefit the global interpreting community that we work with.

As a member of the Organising Committee you will be required to engage in online meetings with the Conference Conveners, as well as report back via a comprehensive “work in progress” document, which will be made available via Google Docs. You will also be required to finance your own travel, accommodation and discounted registration. Some roles do not require attendance or participation at the event so even if you are unable to attend, you can still be involved!

Currently we are seeking to add to or entirely fill the portfolios:

Pre Conference workshops + Registration + Volunteer Coordinator + Interpreter Coordinator + Social Event

Please contact Michelle Ashley at expressing your interest, skills and experience, and for which portfolio.


We are delighted to announce that we, the partners in the Erasmus+ project
“Developing Deaf interpreting”, will host a European Conference at Hamburg

At the Conference the results of the project:

The book: Deaf Interpreters in Europe – Learning from best practice, and the Curriculum
Recommendations will be presented and discussed.


Conference: May 25 at 1pm – May 26 3 pm, 2018
Deaf Pub: May 25 at 7:30 pm (exclusively for conference


University of Hamburg, Rotherbaum, 20357 Hamburg,

The conference is primarily targeting:
Deaf Sign Language interpreters in Europe
Hearing Sign Language interpreters in Europe
Sign Language interpreter educators and researchers in Europe
European National Associations of the Deaf
European National Associations of Sign Language Interpreters
European organizations such as EUD and EFSLI

Price: Participation in the Conference is free – incl. coffee/tea and lunch

Deaf Pub: All conference participants are welcome.


For participants coming from abroad (outside Germany) we will refund up to 80 EUR for confirmed conference participants’ flight tickets. You will receive more instructions when you have registered.


Participants are responsible for their own accommodation.

Registration: Please register here: