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As a membership benefit of ASLI, members can opt to have their name and details in the Directory so they can be contacted for work. Members can upload their photo, profile information and details of their website, Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn acounts.

Please complete the following form to find an interpreter, the more information you enter the more targeted your results will be. Yiou do not have to complete all the boxes.

Regions: There are 13 regions of the UK to choose from so you can find a local interpreter.

  • Domains: Not all interpreters work in all areas of work such as theatre or police. Choose a category to get fewer results.
  • Additional Skills: Select a skill if you need an interpreter who, for example, is an ASLI trained mentor or who can use Deafblind manual.
  • Member Type: A Full member has achieved the required standard to become a Registered Sign Language Interpreter (RSLI) with the National Registers of Communication Professionals working with Deaf and Deafblind People (NRCPD). An Associate member is one who is still in training and is registered with the NRCPD as a Trainee Interpreter.

ASLI is not a registration body. Should you be dissatisfied with the service from an interpreter, approach them in the first instance then the employer or agency if they were employed in that way. If a complaint is still unresolved it can be taken to the NRCPD.