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Inspired to learn sign language to communicate with my daughter; I went on to qualify as a sign language interpreter after studying the Postgraduate Diploma in British Sign Language/English Interpreting at the University of Central Lancashire. I am registered with the NRCPD and as native of Lancashire, I prefer to work in North West England. Working mainly in Healthcare, Mental Health, Social Services, Community, Training Courses and Higher Education settings. I follow a practice profession approach to my interpreting work.

I receive regular supervision and appreciate the many benefits it brings. It has been fundamental in developing my abilities to reflect on my interpreting practice and undertake appropriate development opportunities to hone my skills. Motivated by my own experience of supervision; I have completed a Certificate in Clinical Supervision that is approved by the BPS (British Psychological Society), the only UK psychology and psychotherapy body established by Royal Charter and one of the primary national leads in determining national recommendation on clinical supervision across a range of groups. I am currently studying for a Postgraduate Certificate in Clinical Supervision at Derby University.

In supervision I can offer support, encouragement and a safe space to talk through ethical dilemmas, difficult situations and practice concerns. If you are interested in exploring what supervision can do for you, please contact me to arrange an initial meeting. We can then talk further about what you would like from supervision and how we could work together.

I am a listed NRCPD Supervisor of Trainee Interpreters and I hold certificate in Assessing Vocational Achievement. I am a freelance assessor for the NVQ Level 6 BSL-English Interpreting Diploma.

To maintain my work-life balance, I ensure, I remain creative, curious and eclectic by sharing my love of art, music and good food with my family and friends.


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