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I am currently self-employed as a freelance Sign Language Interpreter (no longer involved in training or NVQ programmes). Until May 2013 I was employed full time with Action on Hearing Loss (formerly RNID). I undertook various roles during my 9 years with them, my last role being, Communication Training Manager; supporting the various training programmes, assessing, verifying and also providing training sessions. I have been involved with the Deaf World since 1984 both in voluntary and employed capacity. I have been interpreting since1993 and an ASLI member for almost all that time. I completed the OU course “Issues in Deafness” in 1995, attended the RNID Interpreter Development Programme and in 1998 registered as RSLI (RQI in those days – via the old exam route). Prior to interpreting I worked with deaf people with the Breakthrough Trust and HI Kent, providing information on a range of issues, in particular technology. I also did a lot of voluntary work with FYD & NDCS, events such as family weekends and sports festivals. My interpreting career commenced in the early 90’s when I worked for a Local Authority, within a Social Work team, interpreting mainly in Health and Social Services. In February 2008 I qualified as an A1 NVQ assessor focusing on NVQ interpreting and in May 2011 I achieved the V1 qualification to undertake Internal Verification/Quality Assurance work. In August 2014 I attained the EQA qualification to enable me to undertake External Quality Assurance work for Signature. In June 2008 I achieved ASLI trained Mentor status. In a previous life I taught stage one BSL in adult education and as a result acquired the STTC qualification from City Lit and in 2010 I updated this by achieving the Preparing to Teach Life Long Learning Skills (PTLLS) qualification. Some recent feedback said that I have a supervisory/pragmatic approach and that’s me! I don’t consider I’m particularly academic or theoretical, I’m a practical person and a reflector, I offer life experience! I am committed to whatever I take on and give 100% to colleagues and candidates alike


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