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MaryFaith Autumn first studied interpreting in 1979 in Denver, Colorado; was subsequently awarded an MA Interpreting, with Distinction, by the University of Leeds in 2009 and returned to the US to study with seminal scholars at Gallaudet University during the 2011-12 academic year. In 2015 MaryFaith was awarded a Certificate in Supervision after completing a 30-hour course focusing on the ‘Seven-Eyed Model of Supervision’ developed by Hawkins & Shohet (1989, 2000, 2006, 2012), and including modules on a developmental model and an integrative approach. Working with Deaf people for over 35 years, MaryFaith has undertaken a variety of roles. She has interpreted across a number of domains; facilitated personal growth workshops with Deaf participants encouraging the development of reflective and relationship skills, and, while working for social services, liaised between the Deaf Community and the local authority to improve access to services. She spent 18 months as a VSO volunteer on a capacity building placement in northwest Nigeria working at a school with over 300 Deaf children and several Deaf teachers. Since qualifying in 2008 she has been developing a domain specialism interpreting in social care and health. In her leisure time MaryFaith relishes the daily walks with her adored Staffordshire Bull Terrier, grows flowers and food in her garden, and is learning to play the piano. She is a committed Quaker, and represents her area Meeting on a national committee.


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