Two day Training for sign language interpreters: Interpreting from and to English as a 3rd language

06 March 2017

Interpreters are increasingly requested to work between English and your national sign language. The two day training 'Interpreting from and to English as a 3rd language' is a great way to improve their skills.

At the training participants will learn linguistic and coping strategies to improve their interpretation from and to English. Tools and tips will be provided to improve their skills. The training is a mixture of theory and practice, and will increase their confidence level in working with English.

The training will take place in St. Venera, Malta and starts on 16 May at 14.00 hours and ends on 18 May at 13.00 hours. The event is hosted by the Maltese sign language interpreters and the Deaf Association of Malta.

Register by 15 March: 250 euros
After 15 March till 1 May: 300 euros

Register and more info: click here (

Please feel free to share this information with sign language interpreters in your country and region. If you have any questions, please send me an email. Hope to welcome sign language interpreters from your country to Malta on 16 May!

Maya de Wit, MSc
On 19 May the European Union of the Deaf hosts their annual seminar in Malta. More info, contact

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