NRCPD Supervisors (for Trainee Interpreters)

From 1 April 2015 anybody who is supervising a TSLI must apply to NRCPD to do so.

A person supervising a Regulated trainee must:

  • be an RSLI; and
  • hold a qualification that enables them to carry out this role, e.g. in assessing, verifying, teaching, mentoring or supervising.

If you are unsure if you are suitably qualified to supervise a trainee please contact the NRCPD 

For more information see:  guidance for endorsers and supervisors of trainee sign language interpreters.

NRCPD Supervision:

The role of the person supervising a TSLI (the supervisor) is to:

  • Monitor the progress of the TSLI throughout the year
  • Monitor the TSLI’s development plan (if applicable)
  • Verify that the person who has endorsed the trainee is suitably qualified to so, in line with the above guidance. (This only applies if the
    endorser and the supervisor are different people. Supervisors may contact NRCPD for this information if necessary)
  • Act as a point of contact if NRCPD needs to discuss a TSLI’s performance
  • Inform NRCPD immediately if the TSLI suspends their training
  • Inform NRCPD immediately if they cease to supervise the TSLI

The following ASLI members offer NRCPD supervision. Click on their name to view their profile:

Russell Aldersson

Paul Michaels

Mark Millington

Gail Dixon