External Representation and Activity

ASLIBDAASLI attends many events and meetings to represent its members in the UK. We also liaise regularly with Deaf organisations, international interpreting organisations, NRCPD, government departments and other relevant organisations and personnel.

External representation is carried out by surveying the membership via our national fora or by using surveys, at Consultation Days with members from all regions and at the AGM.

External representation of ASLI members is done by the Chair of the Board, other Directors, Chairs of Groups, Chairs of Networks such as the Deaf Interpreters' Network, Regional Contacts or other ASLI members.

Here is a list of some of the contacts and other activities that ASLI has undertaken since September 2012:

November 2016

MaryFaith Autumn atttended the UKCoD Conference

September 2016

Gail Dixon attended the NRCPD Practitioners' Forum

July 2016

Gail Dixon attended the NRCPD Practitioners' Forum


The Board Submitted information to the sign language framework consultation in Northern Ireland

The ASLI board have been in contact with NUBSLI 


June 2016

The board have written to agencies that have been successful in the recent CCS framework and MoJ framework tenders.

Helen Ryan (Chair of the Video Interpreting Standards Group) has been approached by the International Telecommunications Union (ITU) to provide expert input in to the development of International Standards on Video Relay Interpreting. See KYIT for further details.

March 2016

ASLI Submitted evidence to the DWP Market Review

February 2016

Gail Dixon attended the DWP Market Review Meeting

Gail Dixon Attended the NRCPD Practitioners' forum, minutes  

January 2016

MaryFaith Autmn attended the OHIYH meeting report to Board

Esther Thomas attended a Primary Mental Health Care for Deaf People Expert Reference Group meetingat The University of Manchester

December 2015

Gail Dixon met with Language Empire

Rob Skinner gave a presentation about ASLI to the students at University of Wolverhampton.

Gail Dixon attended the DWP Market review meeting 

October 2015

Rob Skinner attended the UKCoD: Fair Exchange: development in telecommunications for people who are deaf or have a hearing loss

Gail Dixon Attended the NRCPD Practitioners' Forum meeting

Helen Ryan attended the Deaf Access to Communication meeting at OfCom head office

September 2015

Gail Dixon attended the DWP market review meeting

August 2015

Gail Dixon And Rob Skinner met with NUBSLI

July 2015

Andy Carmichael and Rob Skinner attended the WASLI AGM and Conference

Gail Dixon attended the DWP Market Review Meeting

Gail Dixon provided further feedback to the MoJ

Gail Dixon attended the NRCPD Practitioners' Forum Meeting

Gail Dixon attended the NHS Primary Care interpretation and translation services workshop

June 2015

David Wolfenden attended the UKCoD AtW meeting

Rob Skinner and Helen Ryan atttended the UKCoD Deaf Access to Communication meeting

April 2015

Gail Dixon attended the Our Health in Your Hands Meeting

March 2015

David Wolfenden and Gail Dixon met with the BDA


February 2015

Tom Scoggins attended the BSMHD AGM

January 2015

Andy Carmichael met with SASLI

Clare Reed and David Wolfenden met with the DWP 

Consultation Day 4 took place in London on 24th January 

Gail Dixon met with NUBSLI, VLP and STTR on 29th January 

December 2014

Gail Dixon attended the Our Health In Your Hands meeting; minutes here.

Sally Skeldon attended the Interpreters Liaison meeting in Huntingdon.

November 2014

Karen Newby attended the CSW focus group, her report is here.

Gail Dixon attended the BDA conference

October 2014

Robert Skinner attended the Association of Police and Court interpreters 40th Anniversary Reception (report)

Gail Dixon attended the UKCoD Access to Work meeting in London. Meeting minutes

September 2014

Gail Dixon attended the Practitioners' Forum at the NRCPD.  Her notes to members can be found here. And the minutes of the meeting are available here.


August 2014

David Wolfenden and Mark Robinson met with 4fx for a Closure meeting with our previous website developers in Milton Keynes on 5th August. Report to the board.

July 2014

Consultation Day took place in Birmingham on the 5th July. 

10th July :The website strategy group finalised details of the new web build and PremierIT have commenced work.

David Wolfenden attended the UKCoD Access to Work Group meeting in London on the 24th July. Minutes here.

David Wolfenden met with VLP representatives and NUBSLI on the 24th July.  Report to the board.

David Wolfenden met with BDA CEO David Buxton on the 24th July.  Report to the board.

June 2014

The website development strategy group met with PremierIT, our chosen designer, throughout June to finalise the details of the specifications for the new website. Members have been feeding in to the discussions via the ASLI Website forum too.

The Governance Sub Committee met on the 25th June to finalise documentation ready for the AGM pack of papers.

May 2014

David Wolfenden and Gail Dixon met with Jim Edwards and Dan Sumners of NRCPD.  Notes of the meeting may be found in the Registration section above.

David Wolfenden and Gail Dixon met with Nicky Evans and Wes Mehaffy of the AtW Group.

herriot watt

David Wolfenden and Gail Dixon met with Zoe Elliot, new Newsli Editor.

David Wolfenden and Mark Robinson, of the board web development sub-group, met with the two shortlisted preferred web design companies for final meetings prior to recommendation to the board.

April 2014

Nicky Evans, Wes Mehaffy and Jennifer Smith met with national managers of Access to Work on 16th April.

March 2014

Vicki Lamb attended the launch of the Sign Health Sick of It! report launch in Westminster on 25th March.

Naomi Bearne attended the British Deaf Association's BSL Symposium in London on 18th March.

February 2014

Dan Roberts attended the BDA Round Table discussion on Sign Language Interpreting on 25th February 2014.

Naomi Bearne and Dan Roberts visted Wolverhampton University and attended the West Midlands Regional meeting on 27th February 2014

January 2014

Vicki Lamb attended a Our Health In Your Hands campaign meeting.

Dan Roberts and Gail Dixon attended the NRCPD Stakeholders Workshop on 27th January.

Wes Mehaffy and Nicky Evans attended a BDA/UKCOD seminar on AtW on 14th January.

December 2013 

Daniel Roberts attended the European Parliament on the 17th December for the European Forum of Sign Lanuage interpreters' (EFSLI) launch of their publication 'Learning Outcomes for Graduates of a Three Year training Programme'. 

Susan Williams attended a UkCod meeting on Access to Work interpreting on the 3rd December.  

November 2013

David Wolfenden and Linda Duncan met with Carly Brownlie, Development Manager at the Scottish Association of Sign Language Interpreters (SASLI) to discuss future collaboration.

David Wolfenden and Linda Duncan met with Professor Graham Turner and Jemina Napier at Heriot Watt University, Edinburgh, to discuss future collaboration.

David Wolfenden met with Huw Vaughan Thomas, Chairman of the NRCPD.

Gail Dixon attend the NRCPD practitioners' forum on the 27th November.

Daniel Roberts and Gail Dixon had telephone meetings with the NRCPD on the 21st November to discuss the NRCPD options appraisal. 

Esther Thomas and Vicki Lamb attended the British Society of Mental Health and Deafness' (BSMHD) AGM and training in Nothampton on the 11th November. 

Helen Ryan, Chair of the Video Relay group, attended OfCom, on 6th November, for their validation event on the Future of Access to Communications of Deaf people. 

Vicki Lamb attended an Our Health in Your Hands meeting on 4th November.

October 2013

Naomi Bearne, David Wolfenden, Gail Dixon and Mark Robinson met with web developers in Bristol on 25th October to discuss possibilities for website improvement. 

David Wolfenden met with Jim Edwards (NRCPD CEO) and Sandra Verkuyten (NRCPD Board member)on October 17th. Notes of the discussion points can be read by members here

Naomi Bearne attended the UkCod conference in London on the 16th October.

On the 5th October ASLI held its AGM in Cardiff. 


September 2013

The Bylaws sub group (Gail Dixon, Daniel Roberts, David Wolfenden and Mark Robinson) met at our new offices in Northampton in order to prepare appropriate Motions for the upcoming AGM so that we remain a compliant company under the Companies Act.  Further details of this will be sent to members in the Resolutions Pack for the AGM 2013.

The Video Relay group, lead by Helen Ryan, took part in the second consultaton by OfCom on the future of access to communications for Deaf people.

August 2013

David Wolfenden, Chair of the Board met with Jim Edwards, CEO of NRCPD in London on August 14th.  Notes of that meeting can be read by members here.

The Video Relay group, lead by Helen Ryan, took part in the initial consultaton by OfCom on the future of access to communications for Deaf people.  

June 2013

ASLI Board wrote a letter to NRCPD requesting guidance regarding the potential for conflict between Access to Work fraud investigations and confidentiality in the Code of Conduct.

Daniel Roberts and Vicki Lamb presented a talk at City Lit to interpreting students about the benefits of ASLI.

May 2013

David Wolfenden met with Gail Dixon to discuss and update ASLI policies and bylaws ahead of the September 2013 AGM and to further preparations for the ASLI conference in September 2014.

Vicki Lamb met with Phil Murden from SignHealth regarding the Our Health in Your Hands national campaign.

Vicki Lamb had phone meetings with Tanvir Ahmed (AoHL) regarding the Our Health in Your Hands national campaign.

Wes McHaffy, Co-Chair of the Access to Work group, attended the UKCoD Employment Workshop meeting hosted by Sense and Action on Hearing Loss, which discussed deafness and the workplace and DWP Access to Work provisions. The meeting was to investigate setting up a group, similar to the UKCoD group that meets with DWP to discuss Access to Work issues, but this new group would focus more on employment and in researching and gathering evidence of the issues facing deaf people in the workplace and in finding employment. 

April 2013

ofcom asli

The ASLI Board met on 6th and 7th April in Belfast. Minutes of the board meeting are available to ASLI members.

David Wolfenden met with Sarah Reed, Deafblind trainer to discuss changes to Deafblind interpreter training.

Daniel Roberts met with Helen Ryan to discuss progress of the VRS standards group.

ASLI members attended the City Lit Deaf Day and manned a stall as well as delivering a presentation about ASLI membership.

Colette Phippard of the Future Professionals Group gave a presentation at City Lit on ASLI membership and the importance of training in becoming an interpreter. This was a short presentation that will become the Future Professionals Roadshow in future.

March 2013

David Wolfenden met with Jim Edwards of NRCPD to discuss CRB disclosures, Practice Assessments of Scottish applicants to the register, practice breaks for maternity and other reasons, current complaints system and access for Deaf people and the Code of Professional Standards.

David Wolfenden met with Paul Parsons of NRCPD.

David Wolfenden attended the BSMHD conference in Edinburgh.

David Wolfenden had lunch with Jemina Napier to discuss potential future work.

David Wolfenden attended a House of Commons Reception of the 10 year anniversary of the official recognition of BSL by the British Government.

David Wolfenden met with Steve Powell of Sign Health to discuss the VRS DAC committee and reported back to Helen Ryan of the VRS Standards group.

Vicki Lamb met with Swedish interpreting students to talk about the work of ASLI.

February 2013

David Wolfenden had an online meeting with Jim Edwards of NRCPD including discussion about the ASLI CPD system and meeting NRCPD requirements.

Maureen Saville of the CPD team attended the NRCPD Practitioner's meeting.

The entire Access to Work Group spent a full day together reviewing the previous year's events and to discuss areas we would focus on in the year ahead

January 2012

David Wolfenden met with Jonathan Farnhill or ERADE, Exeter and Trustee of Signature.

Helen Ryan, Chair of the VRS Standards Group, attended a Deaf Access and Communication (DAC) workshop, in London. The workshop was attended by a number of VRS stakeholders and its purpose was to discuss video relay service provision in the UK.

December 2012

The ASLI board met on 1st and 2nd December in Milton Keynes. Minutes of the board meeting are available to ASLI members.

Barry Alan-Davey, Chair of the Deafblind Interpreting Group had contact with Paul Parsons of the NRCPD.

November 2012

David Wolfenden had contact with the Chairman of the Society of Public Service Interpreters who is one of the leads on the Interpreters for Justice campaign and requested further details of the campaign.

October 2012

ASLI sponsored a LOCOG Accessibility Review for Deaf and Deafblind People to the London Olympics 2012.