London & South East Region



The London and South East Region has one of the largest memberships of all the ASLI regions. The region covers a vast area of South East England with regular meetings, workshops, training and events for members of the interpreting community. 
The LSE committee is a highly active and dedicated team who focus on providing an attractive programme for members as well as representing the region at various events. The LSE works in collaboration with neighbouring regions to ensure a good spread of events and locations to allow all members to benefit. 
Regional meetings are held roughly every 2 months in Central London and members can 'beam in' via webcam where possible and appropriate. Meetings give members a chance to network with other local interpreters. Engage in free workshops, training and discussions as well as feedback to the committee about wider issues and concerns. 
The LSE committee meet regularly to ensure the region runs smoothly and plan future events. The LSE are always seeking an extra pair of hands so please get in touch email if you'd like to get involved or have any queries. 
For more information or to get involved email: