North East Region


The ASLI North East region covers a wide area - from South Yorkshire up to the borders of Scotland!  Our aim is to welcome and support as many members as possible by providing what they want from their ASLI.    

We meet 4 times a year - twice face to face and twice using online conferencing; following a survey of our members, we found the most popular venues to be Leeds, Sheffield and York and so we rotate our meetings in these three places (preferably somewhere with good coffee and cakes!)  At these meetings we discuss and respond to local and national interpreting issues and host training sessions at a nominal cost for members. We also try to ensure a representative attends all of the national ASLI consultation days.  

We actively encourage new people to join our region and to join ASLI including those who support the profession such as Deaf colleagues or people at the start of their interpreting career.

Please feel free to contact us for a chat or with an ASLI related query. 



Email: Regional Chair Simon Bristoll for further information.