ASLI Work Streams

ASLI's resources are used to fund our work on behalf of our members. For a full break down of how we allocate our resources, click here.

The work falls into three Work Streams as agreed by the members at our Consultation Days.

1. External Representation (National work)

Activity that ensures our profession is appropriately represented at events and the steps taken to ensure that we are consulted on matters of relevance to our members.

We disseminate Best Practice to external stakeholders and ensure that discussions are well-informed with a good evidence base.

A detailed report of our external activity can be read by members here.

2.  Enhancing the Members' Experience (Internal and Regional work)

Activity that ensures ASLI membership continues to give value for money in the range of support services we provide.


Work has been done so far in surveying members via the national Consultation Days. Minutes of these can be seen here.

Updates of the work requested will be posted here. If you wish to get involved and offer some time please do contact the board of directors


3.  Modernising ASLI (Internal work)

Activity that brings ASLI into the 21st Century.


ASLI Website

Work has been started in modernising ASLI mainly by improving the website. Discussions took place on the members' forums as well as a membership survey which was completed last year.

The survey asked members which areas of the website were important to them. The results of this have been collated and a website specification has been completed.

Work is ongoing and any updates will be sent to members periodically.

Membership Renewals

The renewals system was changed last year in response to members. It was modernised so that payments could be taken online. The deadline for quarterly direct debits was also dropped. Work is ongoing to ensure members can renew quickly and efficiently.